It is exceptionally important to make your TV protected from any elements either if you keep it inside the room or outside in a patio, garden, or close to a swimming pool. It spares your time because there is no need to clean it again and again. Basically, outdoor TV covers provide TV security from all kinds of harms pertaining to sun or water and what is more important it prolong the service life. We researched and handpicked the best ones. Skip to the best outdoor tv cover on Amazon.

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garnetics outdoor tv cover

Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover

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A1cover Outdoor TV Cover

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Kolife Outdoor TV Cover

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All reviewed products

  • 1. Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover 48″, 49″, 50″ inch
  • 2. A1Cover Outdoor 55″ TV Set Cover
  • 3. Kolife Flat Screen TV Cover 40” – 43”
  • 4. Clicks TV Cover for Outdoor use 52″ – 55″
  • 5. Stronghold Accessories TV Cover 55″
  • 6. Khomo Gear Waterproof Outdoor Cover, Beige
  • 7. Duraviva Outdoor Flat Screen TV Weatherproof Cover


Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover 48″, 49″, 50″


garnetics outdoor tv cover



Outdoor TV Cover 48″, 49″, 50″ by Garnetics

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Size: 48″ x 30″ x 4.5″
Color Black

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Speaking about this model, we may emphasize that thin 4-1/2″ profundity of this protection makes for a snugger fit than all other types of covers. To put it simply, you can have the possibility to enjoy the atmosphere with TV outside all over the year with this fantastic cover which shields from rain, buildup, dampness, bird droppings, snow, wind, daylight and water. The outdoor is developed from premium waterproof and sturdy material, when the delicate texture inside lays tenderly and won’t broke or scratch your TV. This cover includes a coordinated remote-control storage pouch. To clarify, it includes free microfiber material to clean TV without the usage of any hurtful cleaning synthetic substances. This outdoor TV covers amazing because it is designed for TV.


More reasons to buy this item

  • It comes in 3 colors and 7 sizes for TVs from 22 to 75 inchses
  • 360 degrees protection
  • Double Stitched Edges to ensure maximum strength
  • Fit most mounts and stands


A1Cover Outdoor 55″ TV Set Cover


a1 outdoor tv cover



Outdoor 55″ TV Set Cover for a1Cover

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Size: 50″ x 30″ x 5.5″
Color Black

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This cover easily fits most 55″ TV Set – Cover estimate 50″W x 30″D x 5.5″H, you should take a few estimations and select a reasonable size cover. It has its own patent Pending Design for Best Protect Your Outdoor TV. Its 100% Waterproof Material i.e. 400D Heavy Duty Polyester and Artificial cotton liner keeps your TV safe. The bottom velcro can give the most extreme inclusion against water. The Velcro inside is intended to keep the water from spilling into the back. It also has a remote control pocket to keep the remote safe. Whether it be Wind, Rain, Snow, Dust, or Mold and Mildew, this Universal Cover will ensure security of your TV year round.


More reasons to buy this item

  • Artificial cotton liner
  • The front tv cover can be rolled up


Kolife Flat Screen TV Cover 40” – 43”


kolife outdoor tv cover



Flat Screen TV Cover 40” – 43” by Kolife

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
Size: 39.5″ x 25″ x 5.5″
Color Black

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Nowadays, this protection is really great and it is called: 40″ – 43″ LCD, LED, Plasma TV. It includes fit that is the most single divider/roof mount and stands. Its Soft liner keeps TV screen from scratching. The Bottom Velcro can provide the brightest inclusion without the necessity to use water. The Velcro inside is intended to keep the water from spilling behind it. This weather resistant outside TV cover also protects TV from the unforgiving points, regardless of whether it be Wind, Rain, Snow, Dust, UV, or even Mold. Give 360 degrees’ security and broaden the life of your outdoor TV. You take to the account one important fact: there is no difficulty in usage and it works despite the weather conditions. In other words, it is water and dust proof. As every well-qualified product it is expensive, you will understand the reason of the price during using it.


More reasons to buy this item

  • Waterproof remote Controller storage pocket
  • Durable Weatherproof material



4. Clicks TV Cover for Outdoor use 52″ – 55″


outside tv covers



4. Clicks TV Cover for Outdoor use 52″ – 55″

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
Size: 55″ x 35″ x 5″
Color Black

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This outside TV protection is water and weather proof that gives all year assurance to your Television. In comparison with other devises it accompanies a microfiber fabric to make you clean, residue and wipe without any usage of any cleaning synthetic substances. Twofold Stitched for most extreme quality produces the greatest insurance to your outdoor TV. You will take a ball game buying this product. As for openings, they are with Velcro lashes that are absolutely sturdy in comparison with zippers. Measuring 55 x 35 x 5 inches, this is perfect with twofold divider mounts and single dividers mount.

In order not to be doom and gloom, we would like to show up TV Protection of your dream which is planned with high-lights to speed establishment and, in addition, has a cover for your remote control. It is made up of soft fabric that won’t scratch your TV and will enable you to secure presentation of TV or screen. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and despite all the moments it worth it.



5. Stronghold Accessories TV Cover 55″



Stronghold Accessories

5. Stronghold Accessories TV Cover 55″

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
Size: 52.5″ x 33″ 5
Color Black

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This cover gives all year assurance to your LCD TV from rain, mold, dampness, creatures, snow, wind, daylight, ocean water, winged animal droppings. The weatherproof material is a similar material utilized for expert sailing gear. Actually it is one of the types that cover with the help of additional fold in order to seal all the base of TV. As it is well-known the TV will have 360-degree guarantee.


6. Khomo Gear Waterproof Outdoor Cover, Beige



Khomo Gear

6. Khomo Gear Waterproof Outdoor Cover, Beige

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
Size: 54″ x 35″ x 5″
Color Beige

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You can ensure security and safety of your precious TV with a Khomo GEAR TV Cover. It measures 54”L x 5”W x 35”H. It is easily and widely compatible with LED, LCD and Plasma TVs ranging between 55 to 58 inches. The 500x300D High Density Polyester with a High Elasticity, Water Resistant PVC Coating Will Resist Any Weather Condition and keep your Tv safe. It is very easy to setup and also has a remote-control compartment.




7. Duraviva Outdoor Flat Screen TV Weatherproof Cover




7. Duraviva Outdoor Flat Screen TV Weatherproof Cover

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
Size: 52″ x 30″
Color Grey

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This cover absolutely covers each side of the TV, including the base. It even incorporates a back pocket to store your remote control. Openings toward the rear of cover permit links or divider mounts to interface with the TV while the cover is on. All openings can be shut with simple to open Velcro folds to keep. It is made from best quality, lightweight 600D Oxford texture with PVC covering to give unrivaled security from rain, snow, dust, earth, wind, and UV beams caused by daylight.


How to choose an Outdoor TV Cover

This guide will help anybody considering an outside TV cover and call attention to enter things to remember.



Every portrayal of an outside TV cover will list the size or sizes of TVs that it will cover. It’s any-thing but a one size fits all items. A measuring tape, measuring stick, or anything that has units of estimation on it will work. Most items have pictures that demonstrate each cover’s style and plan. There are many have a graph or model that outlines how to quantify a TV to get the best possible cover. Each organization could have diverse methods for estimating, so it is really decent pursue the different systems to ensure the outside TV cover fits legitimately.


Dark is well-known shading for a significant number of the spreads that are out there. In any case, in hotter atmospheres, this could represent an issue as the dull shading may not shield the electronic gadget from harm. A portion of the items do have admonitions that express direct daylight. Therefore, it is significant fact to know about exploring for a darker hued covering for a TV outside.


Outside TV covers are made in a wide range of materials. Knowing how every texture holds up in various atmospheres will help with the choice procedure. Some are textures, and others are a type of plastic. It is all relying upon what best suits the need of the purchaser. Most covers come in plastic (hard or adaptable), nylon or polyester.

Some are now waterproof or possibly water safe. For zones that get substantial dampness, this would be a savvy decision to avoid harm to the TV. In the event that this choice isn’t accessible on the cover that is required, verify whether a water repellent can be added to the texture. It would be a “do it without anyone else’s help” venture after the thing has been conveyed yet will help over the long haul to shield water from getting to the TV.


When buying a cover, there are sure embellishments that may accompany the buy. Accessories could influence a purchaser to go somehow, however the cost could mirror these increases. It is crucial to watch out for these and decide whether they are vital or not. A major embellishment that numerous spreads accompany is a pocket on the back to store the remote. Having a pocket will guarantee that the remote is never lost or inadvertently grabbed by somebody when the TV isn’t being used.

It will likewise keep the remote from sitting outside and being harmed by a creature. A few companies offer a stand or divider mount with the goal that the TV can be appropriately attached to a steady structure. There are distinctive sorts out there and a few different ways to have it anchored to a building or post. Extra gear might be required. The item portrayal should express the measurement of TV the stand or mount will hold. Additionally, know about the weight. On the off chance that mount or a stand isn’t required, check for a similar item that may be a little lower in cost.

Interesting points

Some of the well-known outdoor TV covers are comparative in style. Investigate how the cover is put on the TV. A few spreads slide on absurd and snap around the back close where the mount is appended to the TV. Some simply slide over and the electronic is uncovered. Others have versatile that folds over the TV that are like BBQ covers.

Another route is to have the cover snap onto the TV and leaving some portion of the back end uncovered. Contingent upon the earth and where a few TVs are mounted, a portion of these strategies are superior to other people and ought to be viewed as when choosing which one to buy.



Al in all, deploying an outdoor TV cover is important for the safety of your TV. The buying guide above can help you in deciding the nature of your TV cover based on your requirements. Moreover, a comprehensive review will also help you in making your purchase decision.


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