Grill covers have become the most usable item nowadays if you have a barbecue grill. However, the main point is how to choose the best covers for your grill? Well, you can choose from the best-shortlisted grill covers below and also know every factor you need to consider before making your purchase.

Why do I need to buy a grill cover?

Whether your BBQ grill is made of steel or any other durable material, you would still need a cover for your expensive investment. If you want to increase the lifespan of your barbecue grill then you should consider purchasing a grill cover. The cover will be your grill’s lifelong partner to protect it against unwanted dust and debris.


Editor’s Choice BBQ Gas Grill Cover 7107 for Weber

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Top 8 Best Gas Grill Covers Reviews


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#8 VonHaus BBQ Grill Cover – “The Storm Collection” Premium Barbecue Grill Protection


[amazon link=”B01H717YGC” title=”View on Amazon”]

It’s a 60 inch grill cover that can fit easily to any matching size grill. It is made from 600D polyester which is durable in quality. Also, the cover is fully secured with waterproof UVC lining that makes it very effective in protecting your grill from UV rays, wind, snow, rain, and debris as well. Moreover, the handles are padded that offer great comfort while holding. It also comes with a handy zip fastened accessory pocket that allows you to put in your BBQ grilling accessories.



  • Stylish design and color
  • Protects grill from unwanted dirt and dust

#7 Classic Accessories Cover, X-Small, Black


[amazon link=”B00R4J5LSQ” title=”View on Amazon”]

The classic accessories grill cover is sturdy and offers great water-resistance with its lined fabric that protects the cover against snow, rain, sun, and dirt. Also, it is built with elastic loops which can easily fit over the legs of the grill to further keep it covered. It also has an elastic cord in the area of the bottom hem for a quick and stylized fit. The air vents that are designed efficiently keep away rust and wind lofting.



  • Elastic loops on corners
  • Beautiful cover

#6 Gillman Premium 58 Inch BBQ Cover


[amazon link=”B0765BJV74″ title=”View on Amazon”]

Gillman Premium is a highly durable protective grill cover which makes the grill look fashionable as well. It has great industrial-strength and waterproofing that will protect the grill under all circumstances.

It also has Velcro straps that are adjustable and to further secure your grill from dust and dirt. The cover is designed in such a way to protect all the grills include Weber, Brinkmann, and Char-Broil.


#5 VicTsing Burner Gas Grill Cover + Storage Bag


[amazon link=”B01IBOH0HW” title=”View on Amazon”]

The VicTsing gas grill cover offers perfect UV protection that will keep your grill in its pristine hygienic condition. It also holds waterproof PVC layers that will make the cover your grills best partner in every weather condition. The material is immensely easy to wash and also comes with durable handles and straps which make it easier for you to install and remove it without any hassle.

Moreover, the cover is made from 100% 6OOD polyester. Also, it comes with a storage bag, so when you don’t need to put the cover on, grab the bag and store the cover safely.


Customers in this item:

  • Solid stitching
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Easy to clean and wash

#4 Classic Accessories Hickory Grill Cover – Rugged BBQ Cover with Advanced Weather Protection


[amazon link=”B004UQQM52″ title=”View on Amazon”]

The Hickory grill cover has a ten-weather fabric system which allows the outer fabric to remain sturdy and intact especially in harsh or rainy weather. The cover offers great water resistance and also has offers undercoat wipe cleaning.

Furthermore, it has a strap detachment mechanism which allows the straps to be easily de-attached while you need to for cleaning purposes or for portability. It further has an adjustable cord lock closure for easy adjustment. However, the product is all covered with durable padded handles and straps which makes the process of removing and installing easier for you.


Product description:

  • Ten weather fabric system
  • Adjustable cord lock
  • Padded handles and straps



#3 KHOMO GEAR – PANTHER Series – Black Waterproof Heavy-Duty BBQ Cover


[amazon link=”B00HYKNKJ2″ title=”View on Amazon”]

If you are tired of searching the best grill covers for your expensive grill, then you should have a look at this one. Khomo gear offers great water resistance and also has straps to secure the grill that let you handle the cover easily.

Moreover, it is manufactured with excellent heavy-duty fabric which makes the cover more reliable to prevent damage in harsh and cold weather. This is the best grill covers on Amazon you will ever find. Moreover, it is also available in 4 different sizes such as S, M, X, XL.



  • Stylish cover
  • UV protective
  • Stylish cover
  • Available in 4 sizes



#2 UNICOOK Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Cover, 65-inch BBQ Cover


[amazon link=”B00VG12YXS” title=”View on Amazon”]

This is a new and upgraded grill cover Weber which is made from high-quality fabric with a vinyl coating. The Unicook BBQ gas grill cover is excellent in terms of use which will also protect your grill from water and rust, so you don’t need to worry about the grill drenching in a rainy weather.

However, coming towards more features, it comes with built-in handles and straps which makes it a lot more easier to handle enabling you to quickly pull up or pull down the cover. This bbq grill cover also has full hiding mesh vents on its both sides to further protect the grill from a dusty or breezy weather.


What do customers like in this item:

  • Very light in weight
  • Has handles and straps on both sides
  • •Waterproof

#1 BBQ Gas Grill Cover 7107 for Weber


[amazon link=”B06WCZ4ZXZ” title=”View on Amazon”]

The best part about this grill cover Weber is that it is strong enough to protect your grill from dust, water, rust and much more for a long-lasting time period. It features a durable rip-resistant polyester which is all covered with UV protection to give you all the years of safety. It also has a Velcro strap for putting your cover in spots even on the stormiest days.



  • The product is very lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Perfect fit
  • Durable, rip resistant polyester

Buyer’s Guide to the Grill Covers

People still get confused when they go outside to shop best grill covers for their BBQ grills. The reason for their confusion is the lack of knowledge about the quality and features they should be looking for while going out to buy. However, in this short buyer’s guide, you will get an insight towards the factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

Sturdy Material

The cover’s material is the first important thing you should be looking for before deciding to buy. If you purchase a dull material cover, it will become rash with time.


Find a cover that holds the feature of being waterproof as the grills are placed outside and since no one can predict the weather, you would always want to protect your grill under every weather condition.

UV protective

Always consider a grill cover that has added benefits and protects your grill completely along with maintaining hygiene standards.

Adjustable Velcro Straps

Straps are an important element in handling and using a grill cover, therefore choose a one which comes along with adjustable padded straps.

Adjustable size

You should purchase an elastic grill cover that has a universal size and can fit any grill. Thus, at any point in time, you decide to change your grill you will be able to use the same cover.


Finding a perfect grill cover is never an easy task but with the help of the above tips and quality features, you can easily find the best grill cover as a companion to your BBQ grill. However, look out for the grill cover that has a combination of features and doesn’t miss out on anything.

A cover that is packed with all the qualities including waterproof, UV rays, sturdy material, and adjustable lock system should be your first priority. Moreover, the products mentioned above are the best choices to select from as per your requirements.

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