Keeping your cell phone in the car dash may be risky because of vibrations and extraordinary sun beams. To counter this, fitting car phone holder will spare you from stress identified with tying down your cell phone.
These car phone holders and mounts are accessible in various positions and they can mount on windshields, dash, air vents, and CD openings.

Getting the correct car phone mounts will enable you to drive with a genuine feelings of serenity and secure mounting without impeding your view.

Best Car Phone Holders Reviews


Editor’s Choice Mpow Upgrade Dashboard Car Phone Mount

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List of 10 best Car Mobile Holders


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#10 TORRAS Cell Phone Holder for Car


[amazon link=”B074PVFTDW” title=”View on Amazon”]

This phone holder for your car is super simple to utilize. As per the keen gravity linkage; simply embed your telephone and it will clasp consequently. Only the most astounding quality material is utilized. The TORRAS propelled air vent cut is super solid and stable. 2 Levels accessible, Suitable for all sorts of vent sheets. Thick and delicate silicone cushions are added to the clasp of the auto holder and flexible clasps. An improved cushion shields vents and your cherished phone from harm.


What we discovered:

  • Compact Design
  • Great for Air Vents

#9 VAVA Magnetic Phone holder for car


[amazon link=”B079NDPY9H” title=”View on Amazon”]

This Vava attractive phone holder for cars will reestablish that confidence in a moment. Not exclusively is this holder fit for holding your phone safely for whatever length of time that you require it to, yet it can deal with any gadget of up to 6.6 pounds in weight. Regardless of whether you have a bulky tablet, or a telephone in an intense case – this attractive telephone holder for your auto will more than tick all the crates.

Its quality is one respectable component, yet it has some more, making it a standout amongst the most favored attractive telephone holders for autos available. It can sit on any vehicle’s dash safely with a 3M fix, and won’t abandon a sticky, awful buildup once you expel it either. Furthermore, it offers 360 degrees of revolution, implying that whatever edge you have to see your gadget from, it’s no issue for this holder.


#8 EXSHOW Universal 360 Rotate Car Air Vent Phone Cradle Mount


[amazon link=”B01KYVSOSE” title=”View on Amazon”]

This amazing car phone cradle mount allows you to mount your phone securely on the air vent. It keeps the phone secure and steady. Its multipurpose and flexible arm can easily accommo-date any phone whose width is ranging between 2.2 inches to 3.45 inches.

These phones may include different models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG etc. there is a soft silicon cover in the arms of this holder which ensures that your device is firmly held in one place. The rotational angle is 360 degrees to ensure proper visibility. Due to its flexible and rotating nature you can easily use it to view either vertically or horizontally.

#7 Bestrix Magnetic Dashboard Cell Phone Car Mount Holder


[amazon link=”B01NCSRTK7″ title=”View on Amazon”]

Bestrix Magnetic Car Mount accompanies a rich and progressive structure that wouldn’t ob-struct your view while you’re driving. Easy to introduce with the extraordinary suction glass, simply make a point to expel all air from underneath before locking the switch. It’ll give your dashboard the sumptuous look you look for, additionally with 360° pivot of your telephone show and an arm you can alter for your benefit.

It utilizes four in number and quality magnets under a silicon surface that hold your telephone and guard it through each yank out and about, giving you and your telephone a smooth ride inevitably. This mount is pressed with 2 metal plates, simply put one between your phone and your case and you are prepared to go.

There is nothing awful with this attractive mount, the main issue that it fits all dashboards with smooth surfaces, aside from leather dashboards.


#6 KAVVO Magnetic Car phone Holder


[amazon link=”B07BN9FT3B” title=”View on Amazon”]

The utilization of a pivoting ball to interface the edge and gather, attractive air vent mount can accomplish multi-edge three-dimensional turn, simple and helpful. Cell phone car holder is slip resistant and doesn’t scratch your car, the four corners are more engaged and more steady.

Magnetic phone car holder can evade portable falling when brake are applied all of a sudden. The shut attractive field does not influence the mobile phone flag and GPS situating.


Customers like it because this item:

  • Good Viewing Angle
  • Flexible

#5 Andobil Wireless Car Charger


[amazon link=”B07CG5PZCG” title=”View on Amazon”]

This car-clipping remote charger is greatly easy to understand. You should simply mount this Andobil charger anyplace in your car. This car phone holder charger will cling to air vents safely. The one-hand activity enables you to bolt or open the charger from its place. The repulsive force innovation of the charger holds your phone set up. You can likewise slide out the telephone effectively. When you slide your cell phone into the clasps, the Qi-empowered gadget will begin charging. A savvy chip is introduced in the charger to limit the danger of overcurrent, and short out.

The loops in the charger shield the gadget from overheating. The 10W electric supply makes this a quick charger. You can appreciate this remote charger with all iPhone, Samsung, and dif-ferent cell phones. Any versatile phone that is 4 inches to 6.2 inches in length will fit into this remote charger. The most extreme thickness that can be suited in this charger is 3.3 inches.


Product description:

  • Compact Design
  • Adaptable



#4 iFun Tec wireless car Charger


[amazon link=”B0089GWZGO” title=”View on Amazon”]

The Wireless Car Charger is adaptable, mindful and intended for drivers. You can utilize the quick car charger to charge your phone while utilizing the auto remote charger mount to ex-plore in the meantime amid driving if there should be an occurrence of low power. iFuntec re-mote car charger phone holder with adjustable air vent mount can be mounted on any vehicle’s air vents in a moment or two.

The remote car charger mount phone holder can likewise be mounted on the Windshield or situated on the auto board with the suction container. Not ex-clusively would you be able to utilize this quick auto charger inside your vehicle, yet in addition in your office, room, think about or basically anyplace.

The solid adaptive remote auto charger telephone holder/Car Wireless Charger Mount fits for all phone gadgets, extremely steady and safe. The telephone won’t tumble off notwithstanding when driving on the tough mountain street. Agreeable and delicate elastic structure of the quick auto charger remote charger auto mount keeps any scratches.


#3 Ultra Fast Wireless Charger – Charging Car Mount with Infrared sensor


[amazon link=”B005FUU6HM” title=”View on Amazon”]

In case you’re occupied with quick charging to your gadget then you ought to go for the Nequio remote car mount charger. It is moved up to 15W to charge your gadget speedier than most conventional car mount chargers. You can undoubtedly mount the telephone utilizing one hand with no pressure. With the help of two mounts, it very well may be put on the dashboard, windshield and even the air vents where it can cool your gadget while charging.

Besides, the 360-degree seeing point gives an excellent perspective of your loving while at the same time driving for you to utilize your iPhone Xs without strain.


#2 Universal Car Phone Mount with Adjustable Dashboard Windshield


[amazon link=”B07FDBNPBD” title=”View on Amazon”]

Car phone holder can be adaptably changed in accordance with holding phones of size from 2.4-3.9 inches. It can be divider mounted or cut to your auto’s air vent/dashboard mount/windshield telephone mount accommodation in home and office. The car phone holder with 360-degree pivoting and long movable arm structured enables you to alter iphone car mount plot for your benefit. This car phone holder is very solid and sturdy and has a locking gadget to keep from falling.



  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible

#1 Mpow Upgrade Dashboard Car Phone Mount


[amazon link=”B07921XZZS” title=”View on Amazon”]

Appreciate secure cell phone mounting when driving without exposing to vehicle vibrations knocking. Introducing this holder is a straightforward activity. It has a gel authorize glass which has an astounding connection. To keep it performing perfectly, the suction glass is washable. Other than secure connection, the holder flaunts durable materials of development which give your cell phone secure connection without breaking.

Disregard the inflexible PDA holders which confine the review as you drive. Mpow phone holder appreciates incredible survey capacity as it is conceivable to turn up to 360 degrees. Other than turning, the gadget is extraordinary since it has an adaptive arm which guarantees you set the favored separation from your eyes. While expelling the holder, all issues are wiped out, and you won’t utilize a ton of power since it has a locking arm. It doesn’t make a difference the model of your cell phone; this telephone mount is perfect with a scope of telephones and GPS gadgets.


What do customers like in this item:

  • Good Viewing Angle
  • Easy to use

Phone holder Mounting positions

Dashboard and windscreen mount

Dashboard and windscreen mounts are the most well-known; fundamentally they’re auto hold-ers intended to stick to level surfaces, regularly utilizing suction. These mounts function admi-rably, yet it’s critical to discover a zone that considers simple mounting and doesn’t hinder your perspective of the street or your controls. A few mounts of this kind work just for the wind-screen, yet these are a minority.

Air vent mount

Vent-mounted auto holders stick like limpets to the warming vents in your vehicle. These can be a decent option as they are more averse to disable your view, and all vehicles incorporate these vents in some frame or another.
The preferred standpoint is, you would prefer not to physically erase or arrange the memory card at whatever point it gets full.

Compact disc opening mount

Compact disc opening mounts are a moderately uncommon frame factor, however one that bodes well. They join around your auto’s CD space, without harming the CD player or keeping CDs from being played. For vehicles where an opening or dashboard mount doesn’t bode well, a CD space mount could very well work.

Car Mobile Mounting Features

Charging link

Charging link car holders incorporate space for a charging link to be embedded, so you can uti-lize an auto charger to keep your telephone bested up while you’re out and about.

Screen Rotation

Auto holders with picture/scene similarity can pivot, enabling you to pick an introduction that bodes well for your requirements. You may lean toward one introduction for GPS route and an-other for music controls, and this sort of auto holder lets you effectively swap between the two.

Screen Rotation

Auto holders with picture/scene similarity can pivot, enabling you to pick an introduction that bodes well for your requirements. You may lean toward one introduction for GPS route and an-other for music controls, and this sort of auto holder lets you effectively swap between the two.


The best car phone holder will allow you to easily navigate GPS through your phone while driv-ing. This buying guide along with the review of ten of the best cell phone holders will certainly serve its purpose for you.

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